Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Puff Slouch

Like this slouch hat from before...here is a very cute, fun NEW STYLE of slouch hat.  i used a Puff stitch...hence the name Puff Slouch.  Very loose and comfy to wear.  Great for a bad hair day, or just looking chic, cool!  Available in all regular yarn colors...so pick your favorite.

Child size: $30
Adult Size: $35

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Updated Colors...

i have some new, updated colors...i have placed them in the left side panel, but here they are up close as well...
CHuNKy CoLoRS...


Monday, January 2, 2012


my new LOVE....Booties!!! these are MJ style booties.  so cute and sweet.  available in a regular yarn colors...keep it solid one color or add a cute color trim.  i can also add a little flower to the toe on on the side (over the button)  more pictures to come!!  i love these and can't stop making them!!
newborn size:$15
0-6 months:$20
this style is BALLET BOOTIE style.  similar shape as the MJ bootie, but this one has a thinner strap and flower on the button.  you can choose 2 different colors or keep it one solid color....same price as the MJ bootie.
i am playing with different sizes, so stay tuned for additional sizes, designs and colors soon!!  also, little boy booties coming...


 very chic right now...the slouch hat.  available in any regular color yarn.  you can keep it simple with one color, or mix it up with multiple colors.  goes good with the flower clips as well (not included).
Child size: $30
teen/adult size:$35

also available is Super Slouchy pictured below.  the back just hangs puffier...kind of fun!


i am loving this hat right now...so fun and cute!  perfect for a cold day or bad hair day!!  this is a thick type of yarn, so it will keep you nice and cozy.  like the name says, it is a Chunky net hat!!  Currently available in: "Chunky Colors" on side bar.  comes with 1 large flower...you chose if you want it the same color or mix and match.
Child size: $20
teen/adult size: $23

my cute sister "J" in the purple chunky net hat

For the Birds

My son loves angry birds, so i decided to design an angry birds style hat.  made with regular yarn...this is the classic red bird from the game...complete with black frowning eye brows.  this is an earflap hat with braids and an angry bird

 infant/toddler - $25
child - $30
my son in his hat!!

eLLie HaT

loose stitch beanie...light and breezy.  available in any regular yarn color....2 colors per request.  comes with a sweet bow to tie on top.  pictured here are pink with white polka dots and black with white polka dots.  (more ribbon options coming soon)

infant/toddler - $17
child - $20

BaBy BeaR

not to be confused with "brother" or "sister bear"  this beanie is made with the regular yarn...available in any color.  a simple beanie style with bear ears.  you can have it all one color or multicolor for fun.  flower clips go really well with the girl Baby Bear hats!

infant/toddler - $20
child - $23

baby "J" is wearing "baby bear" hat in beige with brown stripe

CaRLee HaT

sweet little beanie for girls...comes with a scalloped/ruffle bottom.  available in any regular yearn colors.  come with either 1 flower clip or ribbon.  
infant/toddler - $17
child - $20

newborn baby "C" in purple with white ribbon Carlee style hat

ear warmers

  Bring on the cold...these soft ear warmers will help keep your head and ears nice and cozy!!  available in "fuzzy yarn" pictured above.  i can also use regular year if you don't want it as bulky.  comes with 2 flower clips...mix and match flower colors and styles.

child size:  $17
teen/adult size:$23

New thick Headbands

NEW STYLE headbands...these are thick trendy headband.  similar to the "ear warmers", but not as wide or warm.  you can wear these any time of year.  made with the regular yarn colors posted on side bar.  comes in 2 styles:
 1. button back (pictured in green)
 2. tie back (pictured in purple)
you also have the option of a finished edge like the green headband or a rippled edge like the purple headband.  come with 2 flower clips.

Child size: $15
teen/adult size: $20

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Monday, December 5, 2011

Order Info

everything is CUSTOM HAND MADE...which means i don't make it until you order it!  to make an order, just send me an email with the following information:

and list the following:
if it doesn't have a distinct name, just describe it best you can
IE. newborn, 0-3 months, 6-12 months, 2 yr...sizes are listed on left margin...i go off average, so if you need it bigger or smaller, just indicate
you get to choose the colors you would like....on most beanies, let me know if you want stripes, plain, a favorite sports team colors or of course you can always leave the creativity up to me.  

once you email me i will be in contact soon. i make my orders in the ORDER i receive them. As far as PAYMENT goes...i am working on setting up an online payment plan, but for now i accept CHECK or CASH...it can either be mailed to me or for local clients, i can pick up payment at drop off!!  if your item needs to be SHIPPED, please add $3 to the price of the item to pay for shipping!

i have a satisfaction guarantee so i will most likely be in touch making sure i get your item just right and you get what you want. once the hat comes, if there are any problem i WILL fix/adjust.
since everything IS CUSTOM HAND MADE please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery...  thanks so much! look forward to hearing from you soon.

Friday, December 2, 2011

JeNNa Hat


Sweet Jenna Hat....available in any mix match of colors. as you will notice, there are 3 possible colors.  the hat pictured here has pink, white, and brown and is wrapped up in a brown bow.  this can also be made with just a single solid color.
This hat is made with a "shell" stitch which is light and breathable, and the brim hangs down just over the eyes...see model below.
infant/toddler: $20
child: $25

here is how the hat is suppose to be worn....brim hangs down over the eyes just a little

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Handsome Devil

last year after christmas, i turned my baby's christmas santa hat into this.....
my handsome little devil hat.  this particular hat was made with felt for eyes and mouth, but i can also use yarn and crochet eyes and mouth.  kind of fun...especially if your little guy likes to cause a little trouble!!
infant/ toddler size: $20
Child size: $23

Friday, November 18, 2011

Holiday colors

multicolor yarn....white, red and green! mix and match with your favorite holiday color flowers!! so cute for your little girls!...includes headband and 2 flower clips.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

SaNTa BaBy

...also now available, SANTA SWEETIE!!
both styles:
infant/toddler- $17
child- $22


easy tie around back style headbands. available in any color...mix and match with 2 flower clips. your choice of band colors and flower colors!

headband ties in back